The Benefits of Foam Insulation

Open and Closed Cell Insulation Benefits

The benefits are numerous for insulation your home with our High Performance Insulation that provides the ultimate in comfort and energy savings. Below is a comprehensive list of benefits you will receive.

    Long Term Cost Savings
  • Constant payback from ongoing energy savings.
  • Home will use 40%-50% less energy which will allow you to keep thousands of dollars over the life of the home.
    Comfort Level
  • A tightly insulated home will provide greater comfort and eliminate drafty spots that are common in many new homes.
    Healthier Home Environment
  • Stops all air transfer through the walls between outside and inside.
  • Keeps dust, pollen and pests out of your home.
  • Significantly blocks outside noise infiltration.
  • Unlike traditional fiber glass, our spray foam insulation will never settle or deteriorate.
    Increased Resale Value
  • By 2010 40%-50% of the homes built are expected to have 3-5 green elements (Source: McGraw-Hill Construction).
    Our insulation is a major piece of green building science and will become a sought after feature.
  • A $1 reduction in annual utility bills can add as much as $20 to the value to your home (Source: The Appraisal Journal).
    That is a $10,000 potential increase with $500 in annual savings. Most homes will experience savings greater tahn $500 per year.
    Keeps All 6 Mechanisms of Heat Loss or Gain Under Control
  • These are conduction, radiant losses, air convection, air infiltration, air intrusion and moisture accumulation.
  • Traditional fiberglass only controls one of these 6 mechanisms, leaving the other 5 unchecked.

Exclusive Closed Cell Insulation Benefits

    Healthier Home Environment
  • Provides moisture control to stop water intrusion.
    Prevents mold and mildew from growing in the walls.
  • Walls will nearly double in strength due to the studs, sheathing and foam being "glued" together.
  • Prevents the popping and creaking noises that are common in most houses.

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